Meet Tracy – Elsick House’s new Assistant Manager

Finally we catch up with Tracy, who has been at Elsick for a little while but is a reluctant contributor to the blog because she has always kept her talents very quiet. We are pleased therefore to be highlighting Tracy and what she brings to the team. You will always get a fantastic welcome from her when you visit and I hope you will learn a little of the lady behind the welcome.

What does your role involve?

My role has grown from when I first started at Elsick from being the housekeepers assistant to taking on the role of events organiser and assisting Karen with the running of the house and weddings. 

Tell us about your previous job? 

My previous working life was based mostly around office management although I have had a variety of others from dog grooming to working on the farm at home, not so much previous I suppose, ongoing, although I have managed to pass many of my duties there onto my sons which I am very happy to do.  I am happy to be hands on with pretty much anything asked of me. 

What do you enjoy most about working at Elsick? 

What I enjoy most about working at Elsick is being part of peoples special occasions and enjoying being in this beautiful house.  The day I came for my interview as Joyce’s part time assistant I instantly fell in love with it, so many people say they could see themselves living in it and that it exactly the feeling I think it gives you, its homely even although a tad large for your average family.

What are your interests outside of work?

My interests are mainly travelling these days, I like to have at least one holiday booked at any given time and almost always one in the bag for returning to Greece as it is my all time favourite destination, I fell in love with it at 18 and the need to return has never left me

What’s your favourite saying? 

My favourite saying, I’m not sure that I have one, I am probably well known for saying “stick the kettle on”, I don’t think you should ever turn down a cup of coffee.  Good conversations always come with cups of coffee I think.

How do you think Elsick House guests would describe you? 

I would hope guests would describe me as helpful and friendly.  I am the kind of person who prefers very much to be in the background mostly but do love being on hand on wedding days to make sure everything goes to plan.

What do you think makes Elsick House special? 

The feeling you get when you are in Elsick House is I think is that it feels homely.  Beautiful, stunning setting and homely!